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Home Energy Audit.

Our home energy audit will investigate your home as a system.  Investigating to find air leaks, insulation issues, and determining the state of your indoor air quality.  Our Energy Audits typically last around 2 hours and involve collection of information from the homeowner.  Who else knows better what the issues are in the home.  We will test your gas and electric appliances to determine their energy usage as well as testing for combustion issues and the existence of carbon monoxide.  At this point we will conduct a physical inspection of your home which will uncover hidden areas of energy loss. During our inspection we strive to educate the homeowner and point out the areas of concern and possible solutions to those issues

Scope of work developement

Based on our inspection of your home we will develop a scope of work addressing the issues in your home which we brought to your attention during our inspection. We will advise you which items need to be performed and will advise you as to the most economical and effective solutions which will deliver the greatest return. The scope of work can be tailored for either work to be performed by a contractor or by the homeowner.

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  • Contractor selection

    In order to help the homeowner follow through on the items which will help save them energy we will help you find and select a contractor to perform the work that needs to be done. Not all contractors understand the means and methods for weatherizing a home and we know what to ask them to find the right fit for your needs.

    Project Oversight

    As an add on service we can be available to work with the contractor or homeowner during the weatherization project and we will also then perform a post project inspection which is an abbreviated version of our original audit. This follow up audit will verify that the desired results have been achieved.