What are customers saying about Adept Energy Consultants

"We live in a 3000 sq. ft. 12 year-old house and for the past two years have had monthly Com Ed bills of $250+. We thought we were energy efficient, used our air conditioner sparingly, had a programmable thermostat and had all new energy efficient appliances. We could not figure out why our bill was so high. We tried everything to help figure this out - Com Ed came out and tested our meter and gave us a new one, electricians checked our outlets and tested our wattage usage, etc. The answer was the same - they could not figure out why our meter spun so fast. I can't tell you how frustrating it was! We finally came across Adept Energy Consultants. They took the time to understand our habits/usage and had a very detailed and thorough consultation - the result? How about $120 monthly bill with constant air conditioner usage! We are thrilled with the result and the money we are saving. We wasted so much time and money hiring people to try to diagnose something they didn't understand. Give AEC a call - you'll be thrilled with the result - money back in your pocket.".

Annette M - Geneva

"Adept Energy provide a great service for any homeowner looking for economical ways to save money on their energy costs. His position as an independent energy advisor is an important differentiator in the market. He provided me with a complete audit of my entire house. This audit allowed me to make intelligent decisions about ways to reduce my energy consumption. I would recommend Adept Energy to anyone with a house more than 10 years old. They are highly competent and very ethical.”

David P - Buffalo Grove
"After having the suggested work completed, I was amazed with the difference in temperature maintenance in my home. I went away for a weekend in the early Spring. It had been cold enough that the heat was still on when I left. Over the weekend temperatures reached the 90s. When I got home, I opened the door and it felt like the air conditioning was running. I was so impressed and pleased!"

Melissa S - Lockport