What does Adept Energy Consultants believe in?

At Adept Energy Consultants we enjoy being able to help people live a more comfortable life while educating them about their homes as well as helping to save our resources.

Our qualifications

Our principle and Energy Auditor Dale McClelland has an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan, and an MBA in Operations management from DePaul University. He has held a Real Estate and Builders license in the State of Michigan and has been around home construction for much of his life. He is certified as a Building Analyst by the Building Performance Institute and has been involved in and performed many home audits and retrofits. Mr. McClelland has been involved in Weatherization and energy auditing for over 2 years and has a great deal of hands on experience having run a weatherization program for Habitat for Humanity of Chicagoland which involved weatherizing over 40 homes in the Chicago area.

As certified Building Analysts we have the equipment and knowledge to assess your homes efficiency issues. By identifying the areas of your home where your heat is escaping, we are able to make significant changes in your heating bills and the comfort of your home. Most of these areas are not discussed in the advertisements we get everyday, because they are not glamorous and they don't make big money for the people who fix them. The reality is that many of these issues can be fixed by the homeowner with a little effort and a couple of hundred dollars.

Adept Energy Consultants wants homeowners to have all of the information

Common knowledge these days is that if you want to save money on your heating and cooling you should have new windows installed. It is also common knowledge that having new windows installed costs alot of money. The uncommon knowledge is that new windows rarely resolve the cold and draft issues and the return on investment is usually more than 20 years and in many cases it is more like 60-80 years.
How many of us plan on staying in our homes for 60-80 years?

This is not information that the window companies are sharing with you but we will.  We will make recommendations that will save you the most money while spending the least.